Gabon: We want to win the whole university

Bia is a student in Gabon, Central Africa. An estimated 75% of the population identify as Christians. However, it is thought that a large proportion are nominal Christians and don’t know the God they profess. Join us in praying for Bia and for GBG, the IFES movement there, as they seek to make Jesus known on their campuses. 

“We hold our meetings in the hallway within the university. Many students pass by. Some simply observe us and others are interested. One day when we didn’t expect it, a young man expressed the need to receive Christ in his life. We prayed for him and offered him a Bible a few days later. Today we still see him on campus and encourage him. 

Please pray for the growth of our cells. We want to win our friends and classmates to Christ through His Word, through our lifestyle and love. We want to win the whole university for the glory of God! Pray that each of us would proclaim the gospel of Jesus with power and confidence.” 

Thanks for praying with us!


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