With 37 affiliated movements, some almost 100 years old and others very new, Europe is a diverse region. A recent survey found that very few movements were regularly seeing students come to know Christ. It was an indication of the widespread spiritual decline Europe has witnessed in this generation.

In response, IFES national movements are working together to support one another in evangelism, by sharing resources, experience and training evangelists.

In December 2019, IFES will host Revive – a Europe-wide evangelism conference for thousands of students and staff from across the region. It seeks to inspire students to share the gospel and equip them to do it in their different contexts. This gathering has been a catalyst for university mission weeks across Europe and Eurasia. In many cases, students have travelled to help other movements run mission weeks for the first time.

The region is in a time of significant change. Conversations surrounding sexuality, mental health, immigration and freedom of speech have spread across campuses throughout the continent. IFES national movements are seeking to equip their students and graduates to engage in these conversations with cultural sensitivity and a biblical worldview.


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Regional Staff Team

  • Tor Erling Fagermoen
    Tor Erling FagermoenRegional Secretary
  • Sarah Breuel
    Sarah Breuel Director of the European Student Evangelism Conference/Evangelism Coordinator
  • Anonymous
    Naomi Dawson Regional Training Coordinator & Administrator
  • Anonymous
    Charlie HadjievRegional Team member
  • Anonymous
    David MontgomeryAssociate Regional Secretary for Teaching & Pioneering
  • Igors Rautmanis
    Igors RautmanisAssociate Regional Secretary for Leadership Development