Our governance

As part of our vision, we are committed to well-structured and wisely-governed ministry that is honouring to God.

General Secretary​

The IFES General Secretary oversees IFES student ministry across the world, and is appointed to serve students and staff at all levels. He is supported and advised by a support team comprised of two Associate General Secretaries and two regional secretaries nominated by the regional secretaries and serving for two years on a rotation basis.

IFES Board​

The IFES Board is composed of a chair, a treasurer, and thirteen other voting members from around the world, two of whom are student representatives. It is responsible for ensuring IFES doctrinal integrity and for policy making. The General Secretary serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member. The Board is appointed by the General Committee.


Mr Septi Bukula

Mr Greg Smith

Ms Vera Diukanova
Mr Christian Rasmussen

Professor Janet Epp Buckingham
Rev Sam McCook
Mr Vinicio Zuquino

Mrs Renee Gibson
Rev Dr Riad Kassis
Mrs Fatouma Gouda Sare Keita

Ms (Val) Animoa Goold
Mr Reji Koshy Daniel
Mrs Lydia Lim

Ms Maggie Muga
Mr Gavin Rothwell


Board Chair – Dave Berry
Vice Chair – Kent Stephens
Treasurer – Eleanor Ehresman
Secretary – Ann Van Dixhorn


Gary Ginter
Charles Kelley
Rob Knight

General Committee​

The General Committee is the ultimate decision-making body in IFES. It is composed of delegates, including students, from each IFES member movement, and meets every four years at the IFES World Assembly.

The General Committee is responsible for appointing the IFES General Secretary and the IFES Board. It provides a forum for sharing vision and mutual challenges, exchange of ideas, policy-making and setting of goals. Delegates, briefed by their movements, are encouraged to bring to the attention of the worldwide IFES Fellowship issues that need careful study, discussion and action. The General Committee can also formulate policies and set goals for the Board and the staff team of IFES to fulfil. As a legislative body, the General Committee is responsible for accepting into membership new national movements. It also amends the IFES Constitution when necessary.