High school ministry is thriving in the Caribbean and is a vital investment in the many young people who leave formal education early. For those who do go on to further education, preparing them well for the transition means they arrive at university already envisioned to reach their campus.

IFES is supporting pioneering work in the Caribbean, like one project to take the gospel to the Guyanese mining town of Bartica. It’s a challenging context: the town can be reached only by boat and many students face serious social problems, including human trafficking and alcoholism. Despite these challenges, IS/IVCF Guyana are keen to start something new there. Read more about our pioneering work.

The movements in the Caribbean live with the threat of severe hurricanes each year. Many islands were devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Apart from the loss of lives, homes and employment, students were left psychologically scarred. National movement staff, board members, students and graduates from across the region joined the humanitarian relief efforts at the time and continue to work to support the grieving and rebuild the student ministry.

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