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Prayerline delivers a weekly story coming straight from the grassroots of one of our 160 IFES movements. You may hear stories of the bravery of students facing persecution, innovative approaches to evangelism, or the impact of a small dormitory Bible study. At the end we will give you a few ways to pray for the students you met in the story. It is a great way to stay up to date on how you can pray for movements around the world.  

On Voices of IFES, we go straight to the source to hear about ministry projects, ideas, and perspectives. It features interviews with students and leaders from around the IFES fellowship. Among other things, you’ll hear about pioneering new campuses, using computer coding to spread the gospel, and keeping integrity in a highly secular context. You’ll learn from people from every corner of the world and discover the amazing ways our Fellowship is reaching students.  

Is God’s Word worth it? Introducing IFES Scripture Engagement with Ricardo Borges

Have you heard the term Scripture Engagement before? In this episode we meet Ricardo, IFES Secretary for Scripture Engagement. He shares why this has always been so important to IFES, how a new ministry has developed in recent years, what the role of the Scripture Engagement team is for national movements, and how you can get involved. 

You can find out more about Scripture Engagement here. As Ricardo says, get in touch with scriptureengagement@ifesworld.org to share your story about the challenges and opportunities involved in engaging with Scripture in your life and context.  

Ricardo refers to The Word Among Us, a training resource that provides insights into how Scripture must inform every part of our life and work. You can download it here

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