Lithuania: Hundreds gather in South Africa from around the world

Debora is studying new media art at university in Lithuania. But she’s not there this week. She’s in South Africa along with 1,200 others from 172 countries. They’re attending the IFES four-yearly gathering World Assembly. For Debora, this week will be a totally new experience. She’s never been surrounded by so many young people, passionate to make Jesus known on their campus. She’s never heard God’s praises sung in so many different languages. She will see for herself that she is part of a vast, dynamic global fellowship. 

Debora is a member of her local IFES movement in Lithuania, LKSB. Her fellowship group have recently started reaching out to international students and have had Muslims and atheists coming along to their events. At World Assembly, Debora will be able to receive training in how to share the gospel with students from other cultural and religious backgrounds, as well as a wide range of other areas. She says: 

“I hope to learn more about how students in other countries share the gospel so we can try out new things here. I hope to make long-lasting friends – maybe we could even have mission trips to each other’s countries later on and do even bigger events together.” 

Join us in praying that Debora and the 230 other students participating in World Assembly will leave with a bigger vision of God and their part in His kingdom work. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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