The Story of IFES

A global call to take the gospel to the university

IFES was founded in 1947 when leaders from ten evangelical student movements across the globe came together to form a global movement. Their ambitious dream was to see a clear witness to Jesus Christ established in every university in the world.

Today we are made up of students and staff in more than 180 countries. We’re pioneering student witness on new campuses, inspiring each other in campus evangelism, engaging with the big issues in our universities and seeing graduates going on to impact society for the glory of Christ.

Whether you are a student doing a Bible study on your campus, a graduate seeking to make gospel impact in your workplace or a supporter praying and giving faithfully to the work, you are a vital part of this global fellowship.

We are in this mission together.

Together: the gospel for the university

You may download this video to use it to introduce IFES at your group, church or conference. Click here to download.