Engage the university

Engaging the university

The global vision of IFES extends to impacting our whole society for the glory of Christ.  That means more than winning students for the kingdom: it means seeing kingdom values shape our cultures and change the world.

The university is the place where people engage with the big questions. The debates happening there today will shape the decisions of tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe the gospel has something vital to say across every discipline, from politics, economics and science to ethics, education and the arts. We want to see disciples of Jesus authentically engaging in all aspects of campus life and conversations, so that the message of the gospel reaches and transforms every part of the university.

IFES seeks to empower and equip students, faculty and researchers to join and re-orient conversations across the academic world. Through regional consultations, resources, grants, e-learning, mentoring and research, national movements are being equipped to help their students think biblically and live distinctively, missionally and incarnationally in all areas of university life.

e-learning course

God loves the university! Do you? How can you learn to see your university through God’s eyes? What would that look like as you engage with campus life and conversations? How would that perspective impact you in your particular discipline?

A new module of the IFES Engaging the University e-course will be launching in February 2020. The course will help you, as an individual and as a member of your local IFES community, to think biblically and critically about your context and your calling in the university. You will be equipped to seize the opportunities and tackle the challenges you meet as you follow Christ on campus, engaging the whole university, as students, faculty or campus staff.  

The course is composed of weekly readings and exercises and requires about two hours’ work each week over three months. 

To sign up for the course or to find out more, email engagingtheuni@ifesworld.org

What does it mean to engage the university?

word & world Journal

Word & World, provides a space for theological conversations and reflection about the world students live in. Each issue includes a unique mix of voices from different cultural contexts approaching a single theme.

Think Bigger

The Big Issues project provided opportunities for students and faculty from IFES movements around the world to share ideas and resources, as together we thought about how to bring a biblical perspective to bear in our universities.

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