Nepal: Hearts of prayer, hands of service

It was a very small act of compassion. But the students of Kathmandu Valley CBS Nepal hoped their idea would symbolize something with eternal value. On World Student Day 2020, a day dedicated to prayer for students around the world, they wanted to show their community that they were also praying for them.

 They raised funds from graduates and distributed one-time meals in one of the worst slums in Kathmandu, an area ravaged by COVID-19. They served more than 250 of the neediest families. More than half were students.

The students from CBS Nepal knew that one meal would not make a dent in the area’s poverty. However, they hoped the community would understand that they were in their prayers. At the end of the day, they met with the seven other provinces over Zoom to share stories and pray for those they had served.

World Student Day is coming soon. Students around the world will gather to pray for the global university. Some of them will find innovative ways to pray or evangelize on this day. Like the students from Nepal, some will go into their immediate communities to serve. How will you spend your World Student Day?

Though World Student Day is still a few weeks away, you can begin asking God to move.

  • Pray for the students who are planning innovative projects to reach their communities and campuses on World Student Day.
  • Pray that thousands of students, university groups, and churches will hear about World Student Day and want to participate.
  • Pray that this day will bring encouragement, a spirit of unity, and valuable connections between everyone in our Fellowship.
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