World Student Day

48 hours to pray together for students around the globe

World Student Day is an annual day that unites our global movement to celebrate all that God is doing through IFES, and to pray for one another and the needs and opportunities for the coming year.

In 2021 30,517 people in 144 countries joined us to pray. 

Join us in 2022 for World Student Day on Friday 21 October! Sign up to be the first to know all the details on what’s coming next year. 

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Find everything you need to keep praying for students all through the year.

  • Requests

    Browse student voices from each of the 11 IFES regions – what students and staff wanted us to pray for in the challenges and opportunities of their context last year.

  • Maps

    Print out maps of the 11 IFES regions as a visual guide to your praying.

  • Films

    Use these films to get excited about praying, and to introduce you to what World Student Day is all about.

  • Prayerline

    Prayerline is your bi-weekly source for prayer inspiration. You can also listen to the Prayerline podcast.

  • Voices of IFES

    Our podcast conversations with students and leaders from around the IFES fellowship.


30,517 people prayed around the world in 2021. (You can still add your marker to let us know you prayed this year!) Explore the map to see where people prayed.  

Get Inspired

What happens when God’s people join together in prayer? Read these stories about answered prayers from past World Student Days to find out. If you have your own story of how God has worked in response to World Student Day, please write to share it! 

Students in Nepal saw God answer one of their biggest prayers after World Student Day 2020.

Theme for 2021: This Moment

And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this? – Esther 4.14 

Every moment, God is with us.  

In big moments, whether our countries face the promise of post-pandemic recovery or the peril of fresh COVID surges, God is with us.  

In small moments, as we step onto campus for the first time, or log on to yet another virtual gathering, God is with us. 

In every moment, God is with us. And he asks us: what are you going to do with this moment? 

On Friday 15 October 2021, we gathered as one global family of Christians to ask God what he wants from this moment. Join us on World Student Day as we submit our plans to God and pray for the new realities that students around the world face in universities this year.


Plan your Prayer Time  

On Friday 7 October 2022, we’ll have maps, prayer cards, videos, and a welcome pack to help you pray, whether you’re alone or in a prayer group. 

If you’re planning a prayer meeting, here are some tips.  

  1. Get connected with students from other countries to pray with them! Here’s how: 
  • Ask your international friends to introduce you to a student group in their home country. Or ask students who have studied abroad to help you find an IFES group in that country.  
  1. Gather together. 
  • Invite your Christian friends, your student group, or your local church to join you. Be sure to observe any COVID-related restrictions active in your location. This may mean meeting in a smaller group, meeting outside, or sticking to online meetings only. 
  1. Get Creative 
  • Pray as you walk around your campus. 
  • Put on worship music and praise the God. Listen to music from the countries you pray for. 
  • Use the prayer cards, photos, or a map of the world to inspire your prayers. 
  1. Tell us about it.  
  • We don’t want social media to be a distraction, but we do want to hear about your prayer meetings. If it is safe to do so in your region, send us a photo or short video via Facebook or Instagram. Tag any posts with #ifeswsd

Introduce IFES to your group, church or conference 

Use these videos to show them what IFES is about. Then invite them to be a part of World Student Day! 

The Lord’s Prayer 

Students from thirteen different country pray the Lord’s prayer in their own languages. Use this short video to introduce the vision of praying together. 

The Story of IFES 

This animation tells the story of IFES from its beginning to the present day. 

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