World Student Day

48 hours to pray together for students around the globe

Friday 15 October 2021

World Student Day is an annual day that unites our global movement to celebrate all that God is doing through IFES, and to pray for one another and the needs and opportunities for the coming year.

In 2020 15,948 people in 142 countries joined us to pray. In 2021 we plan to pray on Friday 15 October.
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15,948+ people prayed around the world in 2020. Explore the map to see where people prayed and click the button to add your own marker for next year!


View the Resources page for videos, maps, and tips on how you can organise.


    Browse specific prayer requests from students in all our different regions.

  • Films

    Use these films to get people excited about praying and to introduce IFES.

Our prayer theme for 2020: FAR AND NEAR

This year’s theme is ‘Far and Near.’ COVID-19 will mean that education looks different for students in many countries this year. In so many cases, local and international students who looked forward to being with each other for on-campus education will wrestle with the reality of being far away and limited mostly to online engagement. 

In Christ we know that we remain one body, united in him no matter where we are. We know that he is near to us, no matter how far we are from each other and from the lives that we thought we would be living this year. Most of all, we know that his mission as expressed in Ephesians 2 will continue: to bring those who are ‘far off,’ near to him.  


What happens when you join together in prayer? Read these testimonies from past years to find out.

  • Answered Prayers

    Read how God moved in 2019 in response to prayers from World Student Day and Prayerline.

  • Moved to Action

    Students in Sri Lanka were challenged to address a growing social crisis after WSD 2019.


Prayerline is your weekly source for prayer inspiration. It suggests relevant ways to pray for your fellow students seeking to live for Jesus around  the world. Visit the Prayerline page to read stories now and get updates via emailFacebook, or Instagram.  

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