United Kingdom: When you don’t know any other Christians on campus

“When I mentioned I was a Christian, they turned on me, telling me the Bible was a book of lies and saying that I was a judgemental idiot. They didn’t care what I had to say.”

Caroline studies art and design in Northern Ireland. She doesn’t know any other Christians on her campus. It can be a hostile environment. When difficult moral or ethical issues come up in class, she doesn’t have any Christian friends to turn to for support.

That’s why Caroline has decided to start a Christian group on campus, with the support of CUI, the IFES movement in Ireland. She’s already met with the college authorities and has set up social media pages for the new group. She would love to start reading the Bible with interested seekers. But it’s hard ground. Even after setting up a stand in the foyer to raise awareness, only one student has come forward to join Caroline.

She asked us to pray:

  • Pray that the hearts of non-Christians will be open to God’s Word.
  • Pray that the Christian Union will grow and flourish so that together, in Christ, we can make an impact on campus.


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