Greenland: Sara and Filip respond to God’s call

Post-graduate students Sara and Filip are preparing for a big changeAfter graduating in a few months’ time, they’ll be moving from Denmark to Greenland to pioneer student ministry there. They first visited the country two years ago on a short trip with KFS, the IFES movement in Denmark. They wondered if God was calling them there. 

“I could just feel my heart hammering for Greenland and the Greenlandic people”, Sara said. 

Supported by KFS Denmark, Sara and Filip are now preparing to move to Nuuk, the capital city and home to the only university in the country. Students from other cities must travel by boat or plane to get there. They see their families only once or twice a yearHomesickness is one of the biggest social problems for young people. On top of that, students must study in Danish, their second language – so university can be a very challenging time. 

The spiritual climate is challenging too. Traditional beliefs are centred around evil spirits and the spirits of the dead. Today 98% of Greenlanders say they are Christians, but 50% say they still practise traditional religion as well. Few people know what the Bible says or how to be in a relationship with God. There is currently no IFES student or youth work in the country. 

Join us in praying for a new student ministry in Greenland! 

  • Thank God for the way He has led Sara and Filip. Pray that He would help them to prepare practically and spiritually for the big changes ahead. 
  • Pray for good relationships with local churches in Nuuk and pray that local Christians would be keen to support this new ministry. 
  • Pray that God would be preparing the hearts of the students Sara and Filip will meet. Pray that students in Greenland would come to know the all-powerful God of the Bible as their Father. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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