Myanmar: Learning to walk in the light

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light…” Ephesians 5:8 

Living as children of light has unique challenges for MFES students in Myanmar. Most of their classmates are Buddhists and think that Jesus, the ‘English god’, has nothing to do with them. If you’re a Christian you’re considered a betrayer of the nation. There are practical challenges too, as Christians are not allowed to meet on campus. 

But next week around 50 MFES students are going away together for their annual summer camp. They’ll be studying Ephesians 5 and exploring how they can be “Walking in the Light” on campus. There will also be seminars on how to lead Bible studies, how to share the gospel with Buddhists, and other hot topics for students today. 

Let’s pray that, as in previous years, the conference would be encouraging and refreshing for students and staff as they prepare for the new academic year. 

  • Pray for friendships to grow between students from different parts of the country. 
  • Pray that the students would grow in their affection for Jesus and would long to share Him with their friends on campus. Pray that they would keep living as children of light in the darkness. 
  • Pray for stamina and wisdom for those leading the conference. Pray that God would keep them amazed by God’s grace, serving sacrificially to see students come to know Jesus. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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