Cambodia: Pray for the student leadership conference in Cambodia

It’s not easy being a Christian student in Cambodia.

You’re one of a tiny minority. There are no other Christians in your class or in your dormitory. In this Buddhist country, your teachers frequently scorn the Christian faith. You’re not allowed to meet publicly with other Christians on campus. You feel isolated. On top of that, money is tight. You have to balance studying with a part-time job, and that makes it difficult to get to your fellowship group. Just keeping going is hard.

That’s why the annual FES/SONOKO Cambodia student conference is such an important time. As student leaders come together from different universities across the country, they’re reminded that they’re not alone. They’re reminded that they have a great God and a great gospel to share. They’re reminded of God’s heart for the lost. Last year one student at the conference said:

“If we want to reach all universities, why are SONOKO student groups only in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh? If we want to reach more students we need to go to other cities too!”

In a couple of weeks’ time, around 30 students will attend this year’s training conference: ‘Walk with Jesus on campus’. Local staff will lead workshops on discipleship, inductive Bible studies and leading small groups.

Join us in praying for this conference and for the needs of FES/SONOKO:

  • Pray that that students attending would be envisioned to live and speak for Jesus on campus.
  • Pray that students would be equipped to start leading Bible studies.Pray that student groups would be started in other cities.
  • Pray for FES/SONOKO as they work on the process of affiliating with IFES.

Thanks for praying with us!

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