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Faroe Islands: Nurturing a culture of discipleship

Torur has just finished high school. Unlike most of his friends, he’s not going to university. Nor is he finding a job to earn some money. Not yet anyway. Instead, he’s decided to spend a year serving KFS Faroe Islands, one of the newest IFES student movements. Having been helped by the KFS high school ministry himself, Torur is keen to see other young people encouraged and discipled. 

His only co-worker, Ragnhard, the General Secretary, shared more: 

“95% of people in the Faroe Islands identify as Christians. But for many of them, it just means that they go to church at Christmas, and for weddings and funerals. Some go to church more regularly, but the churches here lack a culture of discipleship.” 

The KFS School of Discipleship provides young people with a place where they can be discipled. Each Monday evening, the 25+ young people meet to be trained in discipleship, apologetics, evangelism and leading Bible studies. Ragnhard and Torur would love to see the trainees go on to establish a university student ministry, and ultimately strengthen the discipleship of the Church. Pray that their dream would become a reality. 

  • Thank God for Torur’s willingness to serve KFS this year and pray that God would use him in reaching more students with the life-transforming news of Jesus. 
  • Pray that the work on translating Uncover John, a resource for seekers, would be finished soon and that many young Christians in the Faroe Islands would use it help their friends encounter Jesus. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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