Middle East and North Africa: Muslim students are amazed by Genesis

They began with Genesis 1. The Muslim students were transfixed: 

“It said that things were good and very good, but something went wrong. It can’t have been the trees or the animals. I bet it’s us! We’re the problem.” 

The girls were left wondering where the story would go next week. One of them had never read the Bible before. Another had only looked at a few passages in Mark. She commented: 

“I was confused last time, starting in the middle of the book. This makes so much more sense. I can’t wait for the rest of the semester.” 

These students go to university in a closed country in the Middle East. There are many challenges in being a Christian there, and even more in becoming a Christian. Most will face opposition from family and friends, emotional or physical abuse. They need our prayers: 

  • Pray that these students would continue to read through the Bible this semester. Pray that they would put their trust in Jesus, despite the immediate risks of doing so. 
  • Pray for opportunities to meet new students and reconnect with old ones, as the new academic year gets underway. 
  • Pray for next month’s student weekend conference on evangelism, often attended by many non-Christians. Pray for many to come, for believers to be strengthened and for non-believers to come to faith. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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