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Guinea: GBEEB interns invest in campus ministry

Only 1% of Guinea’s population are evangelical Christians. Islam is the predominant religion. Evangelism is legal, and most people are willing to hear, but there are two big problems: most Muslims are afraid to convert; and most Christians are unwilling to share.

GBEEB Guinea are praying this will change.

They’ve developed an internship program for students who want to spend a year serving GBEEB after graduating. This year, six signed up. They’ve spent their year investing in younger students, encouraging them to share their faith and be agents of change on campus.

Moise explained his motivation for doing the program:

“I believe that when the university is changed by Jesus Christ, the world will quickly be reached by the sharing of God’s love.”

The interns’ responsibilities range from leading Bible studies and discipling individuals, to leading short-term mission trips and running a Christian library. Through all these things their prayer is that the students would catch the vision to be missionaries on campus, excited to share the good news of Jesus with their friends.

Do join us in thanking God for these interns and pray for campuses in Guinea to be changed by Jesus Christ:

  • Pray that Moise and the other interns would faithfully and effectively serve and disciple students this year.
  • Pray that Christian students would be excited to share their faith with their Muslim friends.
  • Pray that enough money would be raised to support GBEEB interns next year.

Thanks for praying with us!

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