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Israel: Find out about a rare and beautiful demonstration of gospel unity

FCSI Israel and IVCF Canada have had a partnership for six years. Both movements have taken their students on short-term mission trips to visit the other. It was through this partnership that FCSI heard about the conference IVCF run every year to help their students dig into the gospel of Mark. The idea appealed to FCSI. They sensed that many of their students had an ‘audience’ approach to Bible study; they heard it taught but they didn’t know how to study or understand it for themselves.

With mentoring and support, FCSI ran their first Mark Manuscript conference in 2014 with 20 students participating. Since then the conference has grown to around 120 students. General Secretary Rasha Saba told us why:

“Students are realising they can understand the Bible and they’re finding that they want to study the Bible in order to meet Jesus through his Word. It’s been an amazing experience for us to see how people’s lives are changing as a result.”

The conference brings together Arab Christians, Messianic Jews and international students: a rare and beautiful demonstration of gospel unity that transcends barriers of background, culture and language.

The next Mark Manuscript conference will take place in August. Please join us in praying for it:

  • Pray that many seekers (as well as believers) would sign up.
  • Pray for the necessary finances to be raised.
  • Pray that students would be increasingly captivated by the person of Jesus as they study together, and that they would want to share him with their friends on campus.

Thanks for praying with us!

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