200204 PL - Revive Europe

Europe: 3,000 young people praying for revival

30 December 2019: students, graduates, staff members, and representatives from other Christian student ministries – together, united. All 3,000 voices from 68 countries raised together in prayer for God to move in Europe. For many, it was the stand-out moment of Revive,the recent IFES Europe student evangelism conference.

Giulia, a graduate from Switzerland, was one of the 3,000. She shared her reflections:

“In my workplace, I’m surrounded by people who don’t know the Lord, but sadly I’ve put little effort into sharing my faith or living as a disciple at work. Revive made it very clear to me that, as a graduate, obedience to God must come first every day of the week, not just in my free time. I left eager and equipped to be a fruitful, blazing witness in my workplace.”

Will you join us this week as we pray for Giulia and for all those who were at Revive?

  • Thank God for the amazing ways he answered prayer for Revive. Countless young people left feeling excited to be part of something bigger, better equipped for mission on campus and beyond, and with a renewed love for Jesus and the gospel.
  • Giulia asked us to pray for graduates in Europe: “Pray that we become equipped for evangelism through a flourishing relationship with our Creator and Saviour.”
  • As the new semester starts, pray that Revive participants would be putting into practice what they learned. Pray that through them, revival would come on campuses and in communities across Europe.

Find out more about how IFES is supporting work with students and graduates in Europe.

Thanks for praying with us!

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