Fiji: The key to sustainable student ministry

Kehinde does lots of travelling to support IFES movements around the world, but even for him, Fiji was a first. The beautiful, quiet island in the South Pacific attracts thousands of tourists every year. But Kehinde was not there for a holiday. He was there to help the IFES movement, PSFC, develop sustainable, indigenous support for their ministry.

This is known as IFES Indigenous Support Development (ISD), which Kehinde Ojo leads. Why is it so important? Because student ministry thrives when its support (financial, prayer and practical) is local. It’s simple.

And yet, it’s not that simple. Many national movements find it hard to tap into local partnership resources. It can seem awkward, time-consuming or discouragingly unfruitful. But the Biblical focus of the ISD training material enables movements to think differently. It’s not begging. It’s an invitation to be part of a dynamic, society-changing work, right on their doorstep!

Thanks to the help it received from the ISD program, PSFC Fiji have got excited about fundraising. They now feel equipped to reach out to new potential supporters and invite them to partner together in campus ministry.

PSFC recently held their biggest fundraising event ever, in which more than 100 guests gave generously to support the ongoing ministry among students. Praise God!

  • Pray for PSFC Fiji as they seek to become financially self-sustainable. Pray that local Christians and churches would catch the vision for student ministry and want to be a part of that.
  • Pray for wisdom for Kehinde and the ISD team as they help train ten IFES movements in Southern Africa at the end of March.
  • Pray for the 20 national movements taking part in an ISD e-learning course, starting next week.

Thanks for praying with us!

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