East Asia Week

Discover East Asia & Pray for students · 18-24 November 2019

IFES East Asia

East Asia is the home of martial arts, K-pop and bubble tea. It also boasts some of the largest cities in the world such as Manila, Shanghai and Tokyo. With 13 affiliated IFES student movements and pioneering ministry in a further four countries, there is lots of student ministry going on, often in places where it’s costly and difficult to live and speak for Jesus.

But what is life like for the students in East Asia? What challenges are they facing today? What is God doing among them?

Join us on a whirlwind tour of this exciting region as we get to know the students and staff of East Asia and find out what student ministry is like for them today.

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    Read about what God is doing among students across the region.

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    Meet students from East Asia and find out how you can pray.

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Discover EAst Asia

Read about breakthroughs in student ministry and how one Muslim student got curious about Christianity. Find out how Christian students are responding to the crisis in Hong Kong, and learn from students in Japan and Malaysia.

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God is the script-writer

Breakthroughs in student ministry in East Asia

191120 CON - Sarah1

Sarah’s search

A Muslim student in Indonesia gets curious about Christianity

Peacemaking in Hong Kong

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3 lessons from students in Malaysia

Meet East Asia students and pray for them

Students from Japan, Timor Leste, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia share how you can pray for them. Click through the playlist to meet them all.

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