IFES World Assembly


IFES World Assembly takes place every four years, gathering IFES students, faculty, staff and board members from all over the globe.

God has used this gathering in remarkable ways to further gospel mission and ministry in the world’s universities. Find out more about what’s going on and how you can join in.

  • Highlights

    Join us online for regular highlights from World Assembly.

  • Luke & Acts

    Join us on a unique international journey through Luke and Acts.

Watch highlights from South Africa

Join us for regular highlights from World Assembly. Hear stories from students and staff around the world and journey with us through Luke and Acts.

Day 1 · 3 July 2019

1,000 representatives gathered in South Africa from more than 170 countries for the opening night. We chatted to a few of the participants to find out what they’re looking forward to. Watch their interview to find out what’s coming up this week. 

DAY 2 · 4 JULY 2019

Yesterday at World Assembly we started our journey through passages of Luke’s Gospel and Acts, thinking about our own journey with Jesus, and looking at God’s big story of hope through Scripture. We also caught up with a few World Assembly participants to find out what they made of the first full day at World Assembly. 

DAY 3 · 5 JULY 2019

We continued our journey through Luke’s Gospel yesterday, as Alejandra Ortiz helped us look more deeply at the disciples’ encounter with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. Catch up on the talk and have your perspective of Jesus reoriented, refocused and reframed as we look together at the Scriptures.We met more participants to find out what they’ve been learning this week at World Assembly.

DAY 4 · 6 JULY 2019

Yesterday we took a closer look at John the Baptist in prison, wrestling with his faith through his suffering: could Jesus still be the Messiah? Explore with us how Jesus’ response gives assurance, hope and a world-changing mission.

We also chatted to some students to find out more about World Student Day, the annual day of prayer across the IFES fellowship.

Day 5 · 7 July 2019

Yesterday we had the privilege of learning from three IFES students as they taught us from Luke 9. Who is Jesus and what does it mean to follow Him? We caught up with a few World Assembly participants to hear about the highlights of their day. 

DAY 6 · 8 JULY 2019

What happened next for the disciples? What happens next for us? We journeyed through Acts 1:1-11, seeing Jesus’ Spirit-empowered disciples sent out as witnesses to the ends of the earth. What does the story look like around the world? What will it look like for you? Join us as we look at our calling as followers of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit, to engage places of pain and hopelessness, pointing people to the hope of the resurrected Christ.

DAY 7 · 9 JULY 2019

We join Peter and John in Acts 3 as they encounter a broken man and bring a message of hope to a broken people. What about us today? We consider our calling as Spirit-empowered people, to courageously proclaim the message of hope, in word and deed, to our broken world. 

We chatted with a few more World Assembly participants and asked them what stories and lessons they will take home from South Africa. 

DAY 8 · 10 JULY 2019

Catch up on the highlights of our final day together at World Assembly from South Africa – the last stop in our journey through Luke and Acts, as well as a final chat with World Assembly participants, reflecting on their experiences this week. 

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