South Asia

South Asia

The region of South Asia is not an easy place to be a Christian. Many students living in Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic countries face persecution for their faith both on campus and at home. For them, IFES student groups provide the fellowship and discipleship they need to persevere.

But in this challenging context there is much to celebrate. Regional and national conferences provide opportunities to help students think missionally, and as a result many have chosen to move away from home to study and work in unreached cities. In recent years, the region has also made encouraging progress in pioneering student ministry in new countries.

IFES national movements in South Asia are known for encouraging their students and faculty to be engaging holistically in university life and conversations. In a region where discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity and class is widespread, this is particularly challenging. National movements are helping students and graduates to address issues of violence in the university and caste-based discrimination with a biblical mindset.

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  • 10
    of the countries in the region appear in the Open Doors World Watch List.
  • 6
    Affiliated movements
  • 2
    Pioneering movements
  • 30,000+
    students involved in UESI India (largest movement)