IFES Caribbean Gift Day 2023

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Help launch the new IFES Caribbean leadership initiative for students and staff. 

Many people today are crying out for better leaders – and better models of leadership – in the university, in the church and in society. We all long for leaders of integrity, wisdom and vision. 

Through student groups, national movements, and regional events, IFES invests in student leaders all over the world. Now, with your help, we’re supporting the launch of a new initiative in the Caribbean: CARIFES Academy

CARIFES Academy is a comprehensive leadership training program thoughtfully designed for both student leaders and staff from across the region. Starting in 2024, the Academy will identify, train, and mentor staff and Christian student leaders to be godly transformational agents of change in their respective spheres of influence.

In november, the CARIFES Gift Day will raise funds for this crucial training program. And thanks to a generous promise of gift-matching, every donation will be doubled. Until the 30th of November, all gifts to CARIFES Academy will be matched, up to $20,000. 

Your generous support will play a crucial role in sponsoring students and staff, enabling them to participate in CARIFES Academy. Every conference participant needs $750 to cover conference fees and airfare, and gifts of any size will help meet this need.  

Will you join us in equipping a new generation of Christian leaders in the Caribbean?

Follow CARIFES on Instagram or visit their webpage to see how to give and follow campaign updates. 


Many people do not see the Caribbean as a mission field; they see it as a place for vacation, for cruises. But the Caribbean is a place for mission. Reaching students is very strategic.

Marc Pulvar, Regional Secretary for IFES Caribbean 


What is CARIFES Academy? 

CARIFES Academy is a new regional training initiative that focuses on the development of student leaders and staff (administration and field). It will serve national movements by helping to equip our target group with the tools and skills necessary to address pertinent spiritual, moral, social, economic and cultural issues in their respective spheres. 

CARIFES Academy’s Vision 

Staff and student leaders growing into mature disciples of Jesus and making disciples, recognizing and realizing their true potential as godly agents of change in their educational institutions and circles of influence. 

CARIFES Academy’s Mission

To engage our key influence groups and interact with strategic partners in the Caribbean and beyond; to identify, train, and mentor staff and Christian student leaders to be godly transformational agents of change in their respective spheres of influence. 

CARIFES Academy’s Details 


CARIFES Academy will officially launch in March 2024 and conclude in November 2024. The online launch will be followed by the in-person conference from 10-16 August, followed by a 10-week mentoring program. 

November 2023 – February 2024: Registration 

24 March 2024: Official launch 

April – July 2024: Online sessions 

10-16 August 2024: In-person event 

September to November 2024: Mentoring program 


The total cost per participant will be roughly $750 including conference fees and airfare.  


The in-person conference will take place at The Turning Point Campsite, Trinidad.