Taiwan: Secrets that I kept from God

Are there things in your life that you never tell anybody? Would you ever tell God? 

Students from CEF, the student movement in Taiwan, may have had all kinds of expectations when they came to camp. This one—with a theme of “Secrets that I Kept from God”—was a bit different. Each day, in keeping with the theme, the students would hear real life stories. They were encouraged to consider and even discuss the things they don’t tell anyone, spending time in prayer, worship, and Bible study. The staff workers wanted students to confront hard things in their lives, bringing their shortcomings, sins, and secrets to God. In Christ, they could come before the Father, in all circumstances. The Holy Spirit would guide them to live out their faith consistently. A community of faith – people in the same predicament – would keep them going. 

It was an intense and memorable experience for all. But, as one member of the team who organized camp put it, “with every courageous admission, every expression of empathy, and every re-examination of the God we believe in, confusion gradually became belief, anger became forgiveness, and scars became signs of growth. I didn’t expect that God would work with us in such a profound way. He has given us what we need to grow, with brothers and sisters from different universities to support one another.” 

“There are no great breakthroughs” shares another CEF team member. “Just a few simple stories. But camp showed us what God wants us to be in our years on earth – gracious, truthful, and happy. Originally, I didn’t think it would be anything special – but here I am, writing about those profound and beautiful nights. God is really working here.” 

Pray for the students of CEF Taiwan: 

  • Thank God for these significant experiences at camp. Pray that they would lead to changed lives, increased holiness, and deeper discipleship for students and team members. Pray that this growth would lead to more students in Taiwan coming to know to Christ.  
  • Pray that students and team members would continue to bring their burdens and sins before God, without hiding – in the knowledge that through Christ, God will “forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more” (Hebrews 8:12). 
  • Pray that in a world of facades, God would continue to lead students all over the world into real relationship with him. 
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