Democratic Republic of the Congo: Right place, right time

Hosea was walking to class when bullets rained down around him. Out of nowhere a police officer grabbed him and threw him into a jeep. Bewildered, he soon found himself in the central prison where he spent roughly 100 days. He later learned that he had accidentally been rounded up with demonstrators when police were dispersing a peaceful protest. 

But being at the wrong place at the wrong time changed Hosea’s life. Worried and desperate in prison, he was captivated by the attitudes of two fellow prisoners who seemed completely at peace. Hosea wanted to know why. They told him that their secret was the regular meditation on the Word of God. These men were members of the GBU Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who had cultivated a deep love for Scripture from their student group. With their guidance, Hosea took his first steps in biblical studies, using New Testaments given to them from their GBU. He says the more they studied the Bible, the more he understood that God was in control. His frustrations and fears turned into joy and thanksgiving despite being in prison.  

After a long court process, Hosea was released from prison and immediately became a member of GBU DRC. Later, he went on to become a staff worker in the movement. His life was changed because GBU members were faithful to their witness, even in prison. 

On this holy week approaching Easter, let’s celebrate how God continues to reach down into the darkest of places to redeem his children. We thank God for beautiful stories like Hosea’s, which display God’s great love and mercy towards us. Praise God with us for new life in Jesus and for students’ continued efforts to bring the gospel to even the deepest, darkest corners of the world.  

  • Pray for students in Francophone Africa to continue their witness even with persecution, societal pressures, and unrest.  
  • Pray for students whose families come from different religious backgrounds, that their faithful witness will make an impression on their loved ones over time.  
  • Pray for more funding and staff workers for student groups in the region.  
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