Saint Kitts and Nevis: Crossing Paths

Tonia was born in Jamaica, where she came to know Christ in her IFES high school student group. She went on to study pharmacy in university and together with her husband (also a pharmacist), pursued her pharmacy career through several professional moves around the CARIFES region. It was one of these moves that brought her family to the island of St. Kitts. Unbeknownst to Tonia, her new residence would lead her back into ministry with IFES. 

At about the same time, Desmond Rogers, former Regional Secretary for CARIFES, was preparing for his ministry trip through the region. One of his stops was St. Kitts. By chance, Desmond and Tonia’s paths crossed and they began discussing what it might look like for Tonia to pioneer a new group in St. Kitts. Now, Tonia continues to pioneer the student work in her new home, bringing a deeper purpose to her professional move through supporting and encouraging her younger brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Tonia’s story is reminiscent of Acts 16, where Paul, a “full-time staff worker” pioneering the ministry in the sub-region of Macedonia, meets Lydia, a professional, and ends up establishing a church in her home. It is an example of a graduate keeping her career open to God’s leading and searching for opportunities to serve him after university. This is what we love to see – students transformed by the gospel and impacting the university, the church and society for the glory of Christ, long after they graduate. 

This week, pray with us for Tonia and the student groups in St. Kitts.  

  • Praise God for graduates like Tonia who look for opportunities to pursue ministry in their professional lives.  
  • Pray that students will grow in their leadership abilities to start new groups in St. Kitts. 
  • Pray for graduates to recognize the importance of mentoring and being involved with student ministry once they finish university.  
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