Armenia: Renewed hope for Milena’s pioneering ministry

As she listened, Milena* felt a wave of excitement. New ideas, a different approach. Yes, maybe we could try that! she thought. Pioneering student ministry in the Armenian city of Vanadzor had not been easy. But as she met and talked with others involved in pioneering across Eurasia, she felt understood, hopeful again.

Four months on from the first ever IFES Eurasia pioneering consultation, Milena’s ministry in Vanadzor now looks quite different. She’s started a flourishing prayer group on campus, encouraging students to gather weekly to pray for their classes, their non-Christian friends, their problems. Her focus is now on training up students – particularly in how to read the Bible with their friends. And Milena has managed to rent a permanent base for their student ministry activities: all ideas she heard from listening to others share their experiences at the pioneering consultation back in 2019.

  • Thank God for the way He used the conference to inspire Milena to start prayer groups, train students and find a permanent base for ministry.
  • Pray that the Christian students in Vanadzor would grow in numbers and passion for evangelism this year. Pray that the two students Milena is seeking to train up would be keen to meet regularly.
  • Pray that God would continue to provide the finances needed to rent the student ministry base.

*name changed

The IFES Eurasia pioneering consultation – the first of its kind – was attended by 18 participants, several of whom were students. The consultation was supported by the Breaking New Ground project. Read more stories of Breaking New Ground projects.

Thanks for praying with us!

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