Praying for students to reach the corners of campus

“We need to have faith for more to happen, to dream big, to take risks, to do things that are scary.”

Nadeen was one of 700 students who attended the InterVarsity / USA Ambition conference in January. The conference was held to inspire, equip and release students and faculty to plant witnessing communities in every corner of every campus. Nadeen went back for the new semester with a renewed confidence in God’s ability to use ordinary people like her to do extraordinary things. She reflected: “The disciples weren’t professionals – they didn’t have any theology degrees or anything special. All they had was the Holy Spirit and the command from Jesus, which is enough. It’s all we need.” Nadeen’s dream is to reach out to those in her choir in the year ahead with God’s truth and love. She asked us to pray that he would guide her to the people he wants her to reach.

  • Praise God that he uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for his glory.

  • Pray that many in Nadeen’s choir would come to know Jesus this semester.

  • Pray that the students who attended Ambition 2018 would start new ministries this year in the unreached corners of their campuses.

To hear stories of students reaching out to Mormons, the deaf community and more, see this week’s blog post.

Thanks for praying with us!

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