Pray for national movement fundraising

What things are required for a national movement to flourish? Enthusiastic students, wise leadership, persistent prayer? Along with these essentials, national movements flourish when they are underpinned by a network of local praying, giving supporters.

The Indigenous Support Development (ISD) program provides training to help IFES national movements build their capacity in developing sustainable and indigenous funding at the local level. It encourages national movements to change their perspective on fundraising, and understand that in doing it they are inviting others to enjoy the privilege of gospel partnership. So far the ISD program has been introduced in 54 countries across seven regions: the Caribbean, English and Portuguese-speaking Africa (EPSA), East Asia, Europe, Francophone Africa and Latin America. National movements in these countries are seeing partnerships growing, new staff recruited and more students reached with the gospel. To read more about the impact ISD is having in Guyana, Burundi and a country in Eurasia, take a look at this week’s blog post.

  • Pray for wisdom for those involved in fundraising and leadership at the national movement level, that leaders would be good stewards of money, using it effectively for gospel ministry.

  • Pray for ISD training happening over the coming month in Nepal, St Vincent, Guinea, Mali and Colombia.

  • Pray for Kehinde Ojo as he leads the ISD team, for wisdom in leadership, effective communication and safety traveling.

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More prayer requests from the IFES movement around the world:

14-19 February: Scripture Engagement team meeting, Brazil: pray for the team as they welcome three new members; pray for wisdom in discerning priorities for the next few years.

23-25 February: IVCF Trinidad and Tobago Face to Face Camp on the subject of The Upside Down Kingdom. Pray that students attending would be encouraged and equipped to live out kingdom values on the campuses.

25-28 February: Daniel Bourdanné (IFES General Secretary) prayer retreat, Dubai. Pray that this would be a blessed time of seeking God for all those involved.

26 February-2 March: KGK Japan National Evangelical Student Training (NET): pray that it would be a time of great spiritual significance for those attending.

February: mission weeks in universities across UCCF Great Britain and Christian Unions Ireland.
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