Pray for student ministry in the Middle East

What is at stake for you when you tell others about Jesus? Friendship? Credibility? Reputation?
For our brothers and sisters in closed countries, the stakes are high. A place at university, a job, acceptance from family – for some, even life itself. This week we’re praying for student ministry in a country in the Middle East.
One staff worker from the movement was excited to look back on 2017 and give thanks to God for his work among students:
“We’ve been so encouraged by seeing soft hearts and so much interest in studying the Word. We praise God for it! The new student outreach has borne tremendous fruit all over the country, with many freshmen now involved. Please pray that they would come to Christ and also serve as student leaders.”
Across the country, there have been lots of encouragements: students eager to study the Bible for the first time. Professions of faith. Baptisms. Young Christians starting to lead Bible studies. Lives transformed. But there are also set-backs and discouragements along the way: opposition from university authorities; students who lose interest after a few weeks; closed doors.
As the new semester gets underway in these universities, join us in praying for Christian staff and students to remember the surpassing worth of Jesus when the stakes are high.
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Please pray:
  • That students from a Muslim-background attending seeker Bible studies would come to faith.
  • For Christian students as they learn to lead Bible studies.
  • For access to campuses which are currently closed.
Thanks for praying with us!
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