Rwanda: Pray for Rwandan students reaching their friends

It’s 5pm on Monday evening. Students of GBUR Rwanda make their way to a small room on campus. For 30 minutes they pray together. They pray for their campus. They pray for their friends. And they pray for courage to speak. Their prayers are particularly heartfelt because when the 30 minutes is up, they will each go directly to meet a friend and share the gospel with them. It’s scary, but exciting to see God open doors:

“We thank God that students are accepting the good news, and we are praying that God may continue to open up hearts to believe the Lord Jesus.”

This initiative is part of their evangelism focus this semester. They want to reach every student on campus with the good news of Jesus.

Two recent student conferences gave GBUR students the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face in engaging the university with the gospel. They discussed strategies to overcome those challenges and prayed that they might each have a lifestyle of evangelism.Four students professed faith at one of these conferences. One of the students, Angel, shared her story:

“I only came to the conference because my friend invited me, but I did not believe in Jesus. That week I opened the Bible for the first time. I heard Jesus explained as the way, the truth and the life, and I came to see that He is our only access to God. This conference helped me so much.”

Join us in praying:

  • For Angel and the other new believers, that they would be strengthened in their faith and keep walking with Jesus.
  • For GBUR students to continue in prayer for their campus.
  • For God to open doors for these gospel conversations, opening the hearts of many who don’t know him.

Thanks for praying with us!

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