Indonesia: Over the balcony

Linny’s spiritual life was complicated. Her family was Buddhist in name and somewhat in practice, but her father was fascinated with the moral teachings of Christianity. Although their family never prayed or went to church, he always emphasized Christian values. Linny could not completely identify with the Christian or Buddhist side of her upbringing, but she was satisfied being a mix of both. She had even coined a term for herself – “Chris-Bud.” 

But in university, her spiritual identity cracked. She moved in next to a girl called Karina who was a fully committed Christian. Their shared balcony led to hours of deep chats about spirituality. Karina challenged Linny’s beliefs with tough questions. Though their discussions disrupted her worldview, Linny says she is thankful that her friend did not let her stay that way. Linny remembers the day Karina asked a question that “triggered [her] to the bone.”  

She asked, “Why are you doing good?” Linny did not know how to answer. After Karina went back to her room, Linny reflected. What is the meaning of my life? What am I doing here? Why am I doing good? Why should I? What’s the point?  Linny elaborates in her own words below. 

“Days after that, I started asking my friends at my campus about their meaning of life. Some were interesting, but also temporary and unsatisfying. A few were shocking. But one of them answered that his meaning to life was to glorify God. He told me that Jesus had died on the cross and given us eternal life. He was doing good as a response to Jesus’ love and kindness. I was bewildered! It didn’t make any sense. After I got home, I asked Karina the same question. She answered similarly. After that day, my curiosity about Jesus and Christianity burned. I began searching.” 

Linny began reading the Bible, joining her local Perkantas group, and attending Sunday services. Over time, her search turned into a deep love for Jesus. 

“It was like I was going deeper and deeper in Him mysteriously. Somehow, I found my meaning of life in Jesus. The more I learn, I believe He is the one who found me and not the other way around.” 

This week let’s rejoice over God’s work in Linny’s life. Let’s also pray for students around the world who hold syncretistic beliefs combining Christianity with other religions.  

  • Pray that they would find friends like Karina who will lovingly ask tough questions about their beliefs. 
  • Pray that Christian students would boldly pursue deep conversations about faith.  
  • Pray that Christian students would also grow in their knowledge of Scripture to be able to confidently explain their reasons for belief. 
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