Nepal: Going West

In June, we prayed for NBCBS student groups in Nepal who were struggling with poor internet connectivityThe movement has persevered in COVID times, withstanding large case numbers, disrupted studies, and limited technology. Now, they have seen one of their biggest prayers answered just a week after World Student Day. 

Pratigya stared at the list of Nepalese student groups on her screen. No one from the far west, she thought. As prayer coordinator for World Student Day, it was her job to contact the student leaders from all 7 provinces in the country. Yet as she worked through the list, she realized that the far west province was not accounted for. In her heart she felt a tug. You could plant a group there from far away. You’ve been doing ministry online for months now. What is stopping you? 

In that moment she felt compelled to pray for a group to develop in this hard-to-reach region. She wondered if she had been given the role of prayer coordinator for World Student Day so she could draw attention to this need. She knew that God could move, but first they had to pray. On World Student Day, 200 Nepalese students gathered on Zoom to pray for the university– and to pray that a group would begin in the far western province of Nepal.  

Before the pandemic, Sharad Lama, the General Secretary of NBCBS, had traveled to the region to identify Christian students. He had managed to collect some contacts and hoped to return to begin a group. But heavy travel restrictions due to Covid-19 had derailed his plans. Still Pratigya believed that an online group was possible. Guided by the prayers from World Student Day and using the contact list from Sharad, Pratigya reached out in faith to five students in the far west. 

The students were very receptive to weekly virtual Bible studies with Pratigya, as much of their lives already revolved around video calls. Over a month later, they are still meeting to open the Bible together and talk about leading fellowships on their own campuses. NBCBS hopes that eventually the students will begin five new groups in the western province.  

This week we are rejoicing with our brothers and sisters in Nepal who saw God move through prayer on World Student Day. Please join us in prayer for the students from the far west of Nepal.  

  • Praise God for answering this prayer so soon after World Student Day! 
  • Pray that these five students would feel invested in their new group and continue to meet regularly. 
  • Pray that they would desire to grow in their leadership abilities and feel confident to start their own group when the time is right. 
  • Pray for NBCBS as they continue to battle with poor internet connectivity. Pray for strong signals especially in their virtual meetings.  
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