Zimbabwe: Reaching international students together

I was hoping to get a prayerful roommate at college. But when I started my program God gave me the opposite. Moses was not a believer. He was into drinking and partying. So I started praying for him. 

Moses was an international student from Equatorial Guinea. He had a lot of questions about my faith. Through him I met other international students from Equatorial Guinea, and started inviting them to our events, praying for them to receive Jesus Christ. 

Last year, God answered my prayer. Moses and some other international students professed faith in Jesus Christ! They are now active in spreading the gospel on campus. 

Godfree, a student from FOCUS Zimbabwe, is at World Assembly this week. He is here to share his story, encouraging others to reach out to international students. He is also here to learn. To get ideas. To be reminded that he is part of a growing global movement of students like him who want to tell their friends the good news of Jesus. 

Join us in praying for Godfree and others at World Assembly: 

  • Thank God for the international students at Godfree’s university and pray that these new believers would walk closely with Jesus, now and when they return to Equatorial Guinea. 
  • Thank God for the 1,200 participants who have travelled from more than 170 countries to be at World Assembly. Thank God for safe travel and blessed times of fellowship and teaching so far. 
  • Pray that each participant would encounter Jesus through His Word, and would leave better equipped and more inspired to be messengers of hope in universities around the world. 

Thanks for praying with us!

International Student Ministry

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