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Syria: Finding an eternal home

Not having a home is exhausting. Fatima was well-acquainted with the feeling. She had fled her home many times before, when her father’s rage led to violence, and it was a risk to merely sleep in her own bed. But when she went off to university, everything changed. Through her involvement with the IFES movement in Syria (SIM), Fatima’s life was transformed by a man named Jesus.

When she tried to tell her family about her new faith, her father’s violence worsened, and again she was forced to flee. This time when she left her home, she knew it was for good. Fortunately, Fatima had found a home among her friends from SIM who helped her secure accommodation and even paid her rent for the first three months. Now, she actively participates in SIM events, boldly sharing her faith and joyfully serving others.

For many students in Syria, home is not a safe place. Whether from religious persecution or war, students throughout the country have been forced to flee for safety. Through embracing students like Fatima, SIM Syria plays a redemptive role in this crisis by pointing them to an eternal home. But the movement faces many obstacles. Due to the war and refugee crisis, SIM lacks qualified ministry leaders and local financial supporters. Like most movements around the world, they are also dealing with the frustrations of adapting ministry to the pandemic.

This week let’s pray for SIM Syria and for students like Fatima who are searching for an eternal home.

  • Praise God for his work in Fatima’s life. Pray for the hearts of her family members, that they will be open to learning more about Jesus. Pray for her as she uses her life to reach other students.
  • Pray that God would raise up qualified leaders and local funding for SIM Syria. Pray for them as they continue to adapt ministry for online during the pandemic.
  • Pray for Syrian students like Fatima who have had to flee their homes. Pray that they would encounter Christians who will introduce them to Jesus.
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