Nepal: Staying connected on unstable internet

One by one they gather on the video call. As the screens light up with each new face, the girls wave and greet each other, excited to see their friends. Suddenly they hear the unmistakable crackle of unstable internet connection from someone’s video. Everyone stops and waits, hopeful that the connection will hold. They breathe a sigh of relief when their friend’s face moves, and they return to their conversation.  

After the lockdown, this group of girls from NBCBS Nepal have stayed in touch as best they can, but poor internet connectivity presents a challenge. They have resigned themselves to studying scripture individually and meeting via video call every two weeks to reflect together. Their devotions focus on anxiety and how to find comfort through scripture.  

Talking about anxiety is important, as many students are worried about their studies. Since the mountainous regions do not have stable internet, many are unable to continue their coursework online. For one of the group members called Pratigya, it means that she won’t be able to finish her law degree this year, which might make her lose the opportunity to study overseas. Yet, Pratigya has found comfort from the Word of God. She says: 

“God has been teaching me to be thankful for whatever the situation is. Looking around at the circumstances and the painful situation, I’m reminded by his word that everything shall pass and there is a hope for future, as it says in Proverbs 23:18.”   

Let’s pray for students in Nepal this week as they grapple with the uncertainties related to the lockdown.  

  • Pray that students will surrender their anxiety to God even though their educational plans are disrupted. 
  • Pray for stable internet for Christian groups meeting online. Also pray for those who do not have access to internet and feel isolated from their Christian fellowship. 
  • Pray for the country of Nepal during this crisis. The number of COVID-19 cases are rising due to migrant workers entering through the Indian border. Not only is this worsening the pandemic, but it is also increasing tensions with India.  
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