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Germany: Equipping graduates to be Christ’s ambassadors in the workplace

Stefanie is a Financial Controller in Germany. She loves her job but it has its challenges. She’s surrounded by people who measure their success by their salary. Sometimes she’s asked to stretch the legal limits or to turn a blind eye to bad practices.

Earlier this year, Stefanie heard about IFES Cross-Current – a group that supports young Christian adults as they transition from university to work – and went along to a weekend conference. It was a big encouragement to her:

“At the centre Jesus was telling us that the work we do does not define us. Neither does our monthly pay-check or the speed at which we climb the career ladder. Jesus defines us. He asks us to be His disciples in our workplaces – good, faithful and grateful servants. He provides a way for us to say no to temptation in the workplace and to be salt and light.”

In one month’s time Stefanie will join around 70 other graduates at the IFES Cross-Current Professional Groups conference in Germany. Young professionals from across Europe and Eurasia will spend four days together, looking at what it means to be effective ambassadors for Christ in their workplaces. The conference is particularly aimed at graduates working in the fields of politics, business & management, environmental sciences and science.

Do join us in praying for them:

  • Pray that strong friendships would develop during the conference, and that these graduates can continue to be a source of encouragement to one another in the years to come.
  • Pray that God would speak powerfully through those giving talks at the conference, such that graduates return to their workplaces better equipped to take a stand for Christ.

Thanks for praying with us!

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