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Singapore: Christian graduates making a difference in the workplace

Finishing work at 10 or 11pm is fairly standard for young graduates in Singapore. Joshua, a former student leader in FES, the IFES movement in Singapore, explained more: 

“In a culture where our value is defined by our work-hours, working over-time is normal, and even celebrated. If you’re not worn out by the end of the day, you’re not pushing your limits. Being a Christian does not seem to have much bearing on what happens at work – other than being a good worker, and getting the job done. There’s no difference.” 

Joshua has been in Tokyo over the weekend, attending the IFES East Asia Graduate Conference. He and 350 other young graduates from across the region have been exploring their identity as reconciled sinners, sent out into the world of work. What does that look like on a Monday morning? What does that look like in a work-context of high pressure, or monotony, or corruption? Pray for Joshua and other Christian graduates in their workplaces this week: 

  • Pray that being a Christian would make a difference in the workplace. Pray that those who attended the conference would put into practice what they learned over the weekend. 
  • Pray that these graduates keep their identities rooted in Christ alone, rather than letting the world dictate their worth. 
  • Pray for wisdom in balancing new demands on time. Despite heavy workloads, pray that graduates would prioritise church and Christian fellowship. 

Thanks for praying with us!

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