Built Together as Living Stones

For the last 12 years, our fellowship has been guided by a common vision called Living Stones. We are grateful to God for the ways we have seen him work in these 12 years to grow and strengthen students and national movements.  In 2008 we were 136 movements in 130 countries. Now we are 160 affiliated national movements, with work underway in over 180 countries. We’ve come together like never before to pursue a common goal – to reach the university for Jesus.

Living Stones gave us a common language to talk about student ministry. Out of it came initiatives like Scripture Engagement, Inspiring Evangelism, and Engaging the University. These initiatives have helped students take ministry into their own hands. Students are learning how to handle Scripture for themselves. They are thinking about how to reach their friends with creative evangelism. They are also growing their leadership abilities and dealing with challenging cultural issues. With the help of Governance Development and Indigenous Support Development, movements are developing sustainable governance and funding from local partnerships. And with Breaking New Ground, they are bringing the gospel to new campuses around the world. 

In sum, Living Stones has helped our fellowship build and strengthen firm foundations for student ministry. Now, we can’t wait to see how this foundation will help movements thrive in a new season. We are currently finalising our next strategy, one that reflects the changes in ministry context over the last decade while holding fast to essential IFES values and priorities.

As we move toward this exciting new phase, we need lots of prayer. This week, please join us in praising God for the many ways he has used Living Stones over the past twelve years, and in praying for the developing vision of the fellowship

  • Praise God that Living Stones positioned many movements to remain stable during the pandemic. 
  • Praise God for the faithful work of the IFES senior staff team. They met virtually for many months to develop the new strategy. 
  • Pray with us for the renewed vision of IFES, that God would bless this new season and go before us. 
  • Pray that our fellowship would indeed thrive together as a result of the Living Stones legacy and the new strategy period. 

To read our full celebration report on Living Stones, click here.

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