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Ukraine: Agnostic Daria’s drastic life turn

Daria* is a student in Mykolaiv, a city in Ukraine. This is her story:

“I considered myself an agnostic. I hadn’t really thought about God’s existence or the role of Jesus in my life. When I signed up to join CCX, the IFES movement in Ukraine, I didn’t even realise what I had signed up for! But as time passed, I started to look more carefully at the CCX people and wonder what motivated them.

I began exploring the Christian faith, studying the Bible myself and going to church. And after some time, I accepted Christ as the Lord of my life. I never thought I’d make that drastic turn in my life. Thanks to God and the amazing CCX group I chose this path. Now I can clearly see how He’s changed my life, my attitude towards family and friends. He is definitely alive!”

Daria’s university didn’t have a CCX fellowship. But thanks to support from the IFES Breaking New Ground program, a new group was pioneered last year. Daria is now leading the group. Will you pray for CCX Ukraine ministry this week?

  • Thank God for His work in Daria’s life. Pray that she would lead the group this year with prayerfulness, wisdom and joy.
  • Pray for more students to join the group and for good relationships with local churches.
  • Pray for pioneering work in other parts of Ukraine.

*name changed

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