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Burkina Faso: Alimata’s story

My name is Alimata*. I’m a student in Burkina Faso. I come from a Muslim family, but converted to Christianity shortly before coming to university.

My family disapproved, insulted me and deprived me of money. But God’s love was strong and I stood firm in my decision. When I went to university, I joined the local UGBB group. They showed me great love and I felt happy at every meeting. I have now started sharing the gospel on campus and in my neighbourhood.

I have found peace, joy and health with Jesus by my side, and my behaviour is always changing positively. May this testimony be an encouragement to those who pray for the salvation of Muslims. The Lord continues to win them to Himself.

Will you join with us this week as we pray for Alimata and students in Burkina Faso?

  • Thank God for Alimata and at least 1,000 other students who have decided to follow Jesus over the past year. Pray for them to grow in the Lord.
  • UGBB, the IFES movement in Burkina Faso, is currently pioneering several new groups, supported by the IFES Breaking New Ground initiative. Pray that these new groups would last and be effective in reaching many.
  • Pray for an end to the repeated attacks on civilians in Burkina Faso (and on churches in particular), and for the school closures.

*name changed

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