Belgium: A new 40-week prayer initiative from IFES Europe

Europe, the region which once claimed many of the strongest evangelical nations in the world, now has some of the lowest rates of evangelical Christianity: Greece 0.4%, Poland 0.3%, Slovenia 0.1%. The overall average for a country in Europe is just 3%.

The statistics are sobering. But IFES Europe longs to see revival in this generation. In its students. In its universities. In its nations. That’s why last month they launched a 40-week prayer initiative. In the months leading up to Revive, the European student evangelism conference, students in 40 European countries are making short videos to fuel people’s prayers: What are the marks of their society today? What are the idols of young people in their generation?

Watch this short video from students in Belgium introducing their country and asking people to pray:

The video highlights cities across the Belgian regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, and the role of prestige, pessimism and secularism in the country today.

Join us as we pray for revival to come in Belgium and across Europe:

  • Pray for revival in Antwerp, Kortrijk, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Namur and Gent.
  • Pray that Christian students in Belgium would stand against the idols of their country. Pray that they would be agents of transformation on their campuses and in society.
  • Pray that the Revive conference in December would be a catalyst for revival in Europe in this generation of students.Pray for the preparations under way.
  • Pray that this prayer campaign would inspire many people to pray for Europe over the coming months.

Thanks for praying with us!


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