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Peru: A little bit of hope in Chachapoyas

There is hope for the world today
There is hope for the world today
It is a light that can shine today
In the midst of any darkness

The voices rang out around the classroom. Some thought they were crazy. Others were intrigued: who were these Christian students? And what gave them hope in a world of darkness?

These Christian students were a mix. Some were from their own university. Some were from other AGEUP Peru groups across the country. They had travelled a long way to be there that day. 15 hours on a bus to reach Chachapoyas, this small, remote city in the mountains of northern Peru.

They were spending a week helping their Christian brothers and sisters in Chachapoyas to start reaching out on campus.

The new group in Chachapoyas is small. They don’t have much experience. They don’t have many resources. But they’ve started meeting up each week to read the Bible together. Anywhere. Even outside if they can’t find an empty classroom.

They’re being supported and trained by volunteer staff who make the long bus journey once a month. The IFES Breaking New Ground project is paying for their travel and some basic resources.

Please pray with us for this new student group:

  • Pray that this group would grow in numbers and in maturity as they read the Bible together each week.
  • Pray that God would provide what’s needed in terms of finances, training and staff support.
  • Pray that many students in this university would hear about the hope of Jesus.

Thanks for praying with us!

Breaking New Ground

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