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Indonesia: Pray for outreach to Muslim students in Indonesia

The ancient city of Solo in Indonesia is considered by many to be the centre of Javanese tradition and identity. Today it’s home to 500,000 people. 80% are Muslims, and that percentage is rising. Though outnumbered significantly, Christian students are praying the tide will turn. They’re praying their friends would be willing to hear about Jesus Christ. They’re praying for open doors.

During Ramadan, PERKANTAS Indonesia students have been gathering together every day in Solo and other cities, to pray for the Muslims on their campus. They’ve also been meeting once a week for training to learn about Islam and how to share the gospel with Muslims. They hope to have opportunities to get to know Muslim students more deeply and start up conversations with them.

While open doors are few, there have been some encouragements. Graduates and alumni have had opportunities to share the gospel through medical home visits and through a counselling ministry with Muslim students. They pray on for the harvest.

Join us in praying for students in Indonesia:

  • Pray that God would encourage PERKANTAS students as they gather each day to pray for their Muslim friends.
  • Pray for open doors to share the gospel on campus and for courage to speak.
  • Pray that Muslims would come to faith in Jesus.

Thanks for praying with us!

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