World Student Day

Friday 21 October 2016

A day of prayer for students from every nation


World Student Day is an annual day that unites our global movement – students, staff, and supporters –to celebrate all that God is doing through IFES, and to pray for one another and the needs and opportunities for the coming year.

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Create your own prayer card!

Are you a student or a student leader? We need you to answer a few questions and to send them, along with a high quality photo of you and/or your leadership team to We need the info by 15 July to have the prayer cards ready for Friday 21 October.  Can we count you in? 


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This year we want our prayers to be shaped by the biblical call to love our neighbour.

Who are your neighbours? The students you share a house or dorm with? The cleaning and catering staff at your university? Your fellow Christian students in other parts of the world, members of other IFES movements? The refugees arriving in your country?

How will you love – and pray for – your neighbour?

  • Who are your neighbours on campus?
    What are the opportunities to demonstrate practical love for your neighbours? Think about an activity for World Student Day that would do exactly that – and start planning!
  • Who are your neighbours around the world?
    IFES national movements are grouped into 11 different regions (see menu above). Why not make contact with IFES students in your region and share how you can pray for each other? 


Here is a selection of resources to help you plan, prepare, and pray on the day.


What happened last year?

You can find out more about last year’s World Student Day by reading this blog post, and see what was posted to Facebook and Twitter.




Let’s bring God's Kingdom to the university and the world through prayer!