World Assembly Online

We are excited to be able to offer some of the World Assembly program online during the conference for the first time ever! This means that anyone who is part of the fellowship can share in the experience of World Assembly alongside their brothers and sisters locally.

We are encouraging local groups to create their own remote groups who will meet, stream the live event, and spend time worshiping, sharing, and encouraging one another. This is not an event to enjoy alone – it is something to share!

Ask your local IFES leader if there is a group registered near you.

Registration for new groups closes on 30 June 2023.

The Program

All parts of the program will be live streamed and will not be available for download until after the conference. World Assembly 2023 is taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia (GMT+7). Find out from your national movement which parts of the program your remote group is registered for.

Morning PlenaryJourneying through the Psalms09:00-11:303-9 August
ConversatoriumSeminars on important topics16:30-18:004 August
Evening PlenaryTopical issues facing the university19:453-9 August
Indonesia Night and IFES 75th Celebration19:456 August

Small group questions and seminar notes will be made available to be used alongside the livestream. We encourage you to discuss what you hear with others in your remote group.

Who is it for?

We encourage you to gather diverse groups who will be able to interact with the content of World Assembly. Here are a few considerations when putting together a remote group or deciding if it is right for you:

  • Include students and staff. IFES is a student movement, so we want to have students in these remote groups. Staff, board members, and supporters are also welcome to join.
  • Participants should be passionate about sharing what they learn.  Who is ready to learn from this gathering and have their horizons expanded? Who will be able to reflect on what they hear and see and help your whole movement benefit and grow? Who has shown commitment to your movement?
  • Participants should be committed Christians already known to your movement. There will be some people at World Assembly who live in sensitive contexts. To help protect them and their movements during any live streaming events, we ask that your groups are made up of people who are known by you and who share IFES values.
  • Participants need to communicate in one of the three major conference languages (English, French and Spanish). If you would like to provide your own simultaneous translation in your local remote group, we encourage you to make the necessary arrangements, but the live stream will only be available in the conference languages.

Registration for individual participants will be directly through your local remote facilitator. Speak to the leader of your local group if you are unsure who is in charge.

How will it work?

We will be using Zoom to stream the sessions, with live interpretation in English, Spanish, French, and Bahasa Indonesia. Some groups may choose to offer additional interpretations – speak to your local remote facilitator about what languages will be available to you. If you feel you are a gifted interpreter, you might want to offer to interpret for your group.

Remote facilitators will all receive a link to the stream closer to the time. After watching the live stream together, you will be able to discuss what was presented using small group questions and discussion notes.

Each remote group will function slightly differently as you make your experience contextual and relevant.

We would love to see how you choose to be involved in World Assembly and encourage you to use the #ifeswa23 hashtag to include us!

How to be involved

Speak to your local group about World Assembly Online to see if there is a group meeting in your area. You will need to register with your local remote group.

Regular communications will be sent to your remote facilitator with resources and tips for making the most of World Assembly Online.

Connect with the Global Fellowship

World Assembly is an amazing time to share in and with the wider fellowship. We hope that you will still be able to engage in this aspect of World Assembly in a unique way.

Once you have registered, we will be able to add you to the IFES Connect network online.