Thriving Together Grants 

Part of our vision for Thriving Together is providing those serving in student ministry with the funds they need to thrive in their local context.

Through the generosity of our donors, we can provide grants of up to $15,000 to successful applicants. 

These grants can be used for any project as necessary, including the implementation and advancement of new projects and outreach, funding for camps or conferences, or necessary infrastructure like books, technology, or software.  

Priority will be placed on applications that focus on enabling the national movement to accelerate its vision and mission in one of the key Thriving Together areas: 

Thriving in Witness 

Thriving in Whole Life Commitment 

Thriving on New Ground 

Thriving into the Future 

Read more about these priorities here


Anyone working with the national movement can apply for a grant as long as the funding is for the advancement of the national movement and aligns with the Thriving Together priorities. You could be a student, staff member, graduate, or board member. 


Requests can be made for grants between USD 1,000 and USD 15,000. You will need to submit your budget calculations with quotes (where possible and relevant). 


Click on the link to be taken to our application form. You will not be able to submit the application without a budget, timeline, and details of what the project is and how the funds will be used to advance one of the Thriving Together priorities. 

Thriving on New Ground grants will be available from November. Until then, please see Breaking New Ground


Applications are open! 

Grants are ongoing but, to help with administration, the grants will run in cycles. You can apply in any cycle, but please plan accordingly so that grant funds are received early enough for time-sensitive projects. Regardless of when in a cycle your application is submitted, you will not receive the funds until the funding date.   

We will aim to provide you with a decision within five (5) weeks of the closing date for that round.  

We will aim to make payments into your National Movement’s Fund approximately six (6) weeks after applications close, but it may take slightly longer to receive the funds, depending on bank processing times.  

Applications close for Thriving in Witness grants on the first Thursday of the month in May, September, and January. 

Applications close for Thriving in Whole Life Commitment grants on the third Thursday of the month in May, September, and January. 

Applications close for Thriving into the Future grants on the first Thursday of the month in June, October, and February 

Applications for Thriving on New Ground grants will open in November. 


All funds will be sent directly to the national movement fund and you can request them through the normal fund request process. If you are unable to access funds through your national movement, please let us know on your application form and we will assess your case and ask for alternate bank details. 


Use the online form to apply for the grant. When you apply, you will need to upload a budget. You will also be asked to give details about how the money will be used and how it will advance the relevant Thriving Together Priority. Please be ready with your documents as applications without all supporting documents cannot be considered. A team will work together with your Regional Secretary to review your application and we will let you know if your application was successful or unsuccessful. In some cases, we may ask for additional details before making a decision. 


We will ask for an evaluation of how the funds were used once your project is complete. Reports can be submitted up to a year after receiving funds but anyone submitting a report more than 6 months after funds are received will be asked to also send an update at the 6 month mark.  Reports should include details of how the funds were used and the impact they have had within the national movement.  

If you can send articles, photos, or any other feedback that could be used by our advancement or communications team, they would be greatly appreciated.  

We strive to uphold the Biblical value of accountability, so we ask that reports are submitted on time. If a report is not submitted, any future grant applications from the national movement may be delayed or denied. 


We will not issue grants for salaries of current staff. If you need help with covering an existing salary in the short term, please ask your Regional Secretary to submit a Staff 2 Staff application. 


If you have any issues with the form or need assistance with the process, please contact us at:

“I pray that God will open our eyes to see effective ways to work together to make sure all parts of our global family are flourishing and bearing fruit.”
(Septi Bukula in Thriving Together)