Canada: William’s decision

Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how hard you try, you feel like you will never succeed? That is how William felt as a student during the pandemic. An international student from Cote d’Ivoire, William knew that receiving an education from a Canadian university would improve his prospects for the future—if only he could pass his classes. 

William was an excellent student. He did his best to complete his coursework on time and with care. Even so, his classmates were creating a challenge. When classes moved online during the pandemic, several students resorted to cheating on their exams to pass their courses. This raised the class average, which drove up the mark needed to pass the course, so many other students started cheating just to be able to pass.  

Just by keeping his integrity, William’s mark on the midterm had fallen to below average. As a result, he was close to failing. With final exams around the corner, he needed a strong finish to recover his academic standing.  

He had a decision to make. He could take his academic career into his own hands by cheating, or he could uphold his values and honor God. It was a tough choice to make, but he did not have to make it alone. William brought his problem before his GBU and was touched by the way they prayed for him, encouraged him, and shared stories of their own difficulties. Strengthened by their fellowship, William decided not to cheat on his final exam. And by the grace of God, he passed. 

“I could not lean on my own abilities. I had no guarantee that I would succeed even by working hard. But I had this assurance that God, who can do everything and who knows everything, could help me get through this situation. I understood as well that if you choose to cheat, you show that you do not trust God. It is as if we put ourselves in God’s place, that we believe that we know better than God. We need to abandon ourselves completely to God in all things.” 

Students around the world frequently confront situations which test their integrity, in and out of the classroom. Pray with us for students like William who are choosing faith over momentary success. 

  • Pray for students who are taking exams after an unusual study environment due to COVID-19.  
  • Pray that students will not compromise their own standards in order to keep up with the world around them. Pray that God will reveal to them his power to change and guide any circumstance he wants.  
  • Pray for student groups around the world which support and encourage students who must deal with difficult issues on campus.  
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