Spain: Waiting for your friends

It is hard watching your friends reject the gospel repeatedly. But in his timing, God can open their eyes. José, a student at the University of Barcelona, recounts a surprising phone call he received from his classmate in the middle of the pandemic. 

“During my college years I often prayed for my friends and classmates. But many times, my prayers seemed to bear no fruit. Or at least the fruit did not come in the way that I expected. I was so frustrated by my friends’ refusals to attend evangelical events or activities with me. 

So, I was surprised when this year I got a call from my classmate Andrés. He had never shown any interest in Christianity, but suddenly he wanted to talk about faith. I discovered that he was not entirely opposed to God or the Bible but had turned away for various reasons. He had realized that it was time to get close to God again. 

So, I suggested that we start an Uncover Bible study. At the beginning, I was a bit nervous. Would his questions be too simple or too philosophical? But the Lord surprised me again. My classmate was very happy with the study. Andrés told me that the Uncover design and structure were particularly appealing to him, very different from what is usually associated with the “traditional” idea of Bible study. While the questions seemed simple at first, they led to much more complex discussions. 

By reading the gospel we discovered together the person of Jesus: who he is, his mission, and what he wants to tell us today. Thanks to the studies and their questions we were able to discuss how these passages challenge us and our lives. We also talked about current issues and our role as Christians in the modern world. We discussed topics like the meaning of life, our pursuit of happiness, and the constant preoccupation with pleasing and seeking fame. I thank God for granting me this opportunity to share his Word in such a practical way!” 

This week, pray for the students who are still waiting for their friends to become receptive to the gospel. 

  • Pray for the non-believing students whose world has been turned upside down during the pandemic. Pray that they would reach out to their Christian friends for answers. 
  • Pray for the Christian students who continue to walk with their nonbelieving friends, even when they reject the gospel. Pray that they would remain faithful in their witness and not lose hope for their friends. 
  • Pray for the Scripture Engagement ministry of IFES. It equips students like José to share Scripture with their friends in a way that is relevant, natural, and powerful. Pray that more students like Andrés will become captivated by the Word of God.  
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